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Celebrate February 2021

As we close the door on the first month of 2021 and get ready to open it for February, enjoy some inspiration as you get ready to welcome others into your home whether virtually or in person.

Here are some of my go-to finds for February and easy ways to freshen up your home and make it a little more bright and festive.

Visit the links below to shop these bright and festive finds:

Heart Door Hanger from Erin Solomon

Bright Pink Gingham Pillows

Black Nantucket Rocking Chair

Love Flag from Prince Gift Designs. Use code BrightandFestiveMama to get 15% off

Bright Pink Planters


Fun fact: When I was little I always wanted to be an interior designer and have a gift shop. I became a teacher and didn’t do that exactly but always looked forward to decorating my classroom, coming up with an overall theme and color palette. That may be a little of the why I do just that when helping others create Bright and Festive spaces too. Check out my inspiration board for February that I’m using to keep things coordinated. Visit the links below to find the source of the inspiration included in my board.

DIY Heart PopTarts

Heart Fruit Kabobs

Heart Cinnamon Buns

Red and Pink M&M Cookies

Valentine Snack Mix

Watercolor Heart Valentine’s

As a teacher, I loved finding ways to add daily, monthly, or weekly themes. Now as I Mama I find myself wanting to do something similar but now don’t have all the time in the world or a team to collaborate with. I’ve also realized it doesn’t have to be over the top to be memorable.

When I taught 2nd grade I found out it was going to be #nationalcandycornday and when I told the other teachers they were so excited to integrate that into our everyday curriculum and the next thing you knew Candy Corn Day became a tradition for years to come.

As a bright and festive mama, I’ve simplified that and use a monthly #hashtagholiday calendar I created to get quick and easy ideas to celebrate the everyday. Here is February’s calendar. To get your own copy, access the Bright and Festive Freebie library.

Whether you’re celebrating Tater Tot Day and enjoying some with your dinner on February 2nd or Wearing Pink while each tortilla chips on the 24th, the possibilities are endless.

I like to look at the calendar before the month starts so I know what to add to our Party Pantry like festive plates and napkins. Here is what shopped for and sent to some other Mama for February so their Party Pantry is stocked and ready to go.

Now that you have some ideas for how to freshen up the entrance of your home, an inspiration board to keep things coordinated, a #hashtagholiday calendar for February, and some ideas of what to add to your Party Pantry it’s time to put the pieces together. That’s where the Weekly Planner comes in.

Every Thursday I like to think ahead and look at what opportunities are coming up on the calendar that we can celebrate, creating memories with family and friends.

Get into a routine as a family and plan out your activities, ways to celebrate, and your meals for the week. Here is how I use the Weekly Planner to get ready for a new week. Get your copy here.

I do this on Thursdays because I don’t want to take time away from my family on the weekends planning things out.  It also gives us a few days to head to the store for what we need. Follow the steps below to get ready each week. And if I’ve learned anything from thinking ahead and coming up with a plan, it’s best to get the whole family involved for buy-in as well as all hands on deck to help celebrate the everyday.

1: Add any family activities under the Activity column on the appropriate day

2: Add family Birthdays, Holidays, or #hashtagholidays that your family is celebrating or wants to celebrate under the Celebrate Column. You can use your Perpetual Calendar, your personal calendar, or the Calendar included in this post.

3: Last but not least is Meal Planning.  As a family, we keep breakfast and lunch pretty simple and don’t mix it up much but when you could do so is if there is a #HashtagHoliday like #NationalPizzaDay you could make this for dinner that night instead. 

To get other ideas you can also use the #HashtagHoliday Calendar and see if anything can make a meal, snack, or treat. Celebrate a fun holiday and save time having to think of what to make for dinner.  Don’t see anything for dinner?  You could also mix up after school snacks or add a treat for after dinner.  The possibilities are endless!

As you go, write down any ingredients or supplies that come to mind that you need to add to your pantry or party pantry for the week.  Cut off the Shopping List and take with you shopping or use it as you shop online. Highlight or check off as you go.

If you ever run out of ideas for dinner or what you did this time last year, look back at previous weeks, and don’t forget to get the whole family involved in thinking ahead and planning, and most importantly celebrating the everyday. Put the Planner on your Fridge for everyone to see!

I can’t wait to see how your family Celebrates February 2021. Tag me on Instagram at @TheBrightandFestiveMama so I can celebrate with you too!

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